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Celebration of Bill Oakley will be Jan

on Sunday, Jan. 2. The Event Center is on the grounds of the Heritage Square entertainment and shopping village, 18301 W. Colfax Ave. For further information, contact Rayda Oakley at 303 569 2276.

Click to read our tribute to Oakley, of the Melodrama.

Film theater critic Lisa Kennedy likes to watch a lot. She also has a fondness for no man’s lands,cheap oakleys sunglasses for sale contested territories and Venn Diagrams. She believes the best place to live is usually on the border between two vibrant neighborhoods. Where better to apply this penchant for overlap and divergence than covering film and theater two arts that owe so much to each other yet offer radically idiosyncratic pleasures? In another life, Kennedy was an Obie judge. In this one, she’s been a Pulitzer Prize judge in criticism, an Independent Spirit Award jurist and Colorado’s first member of the National Society of Film Critics.

More than a mash up of the Running Lines and Diary of a Madmoviergoer blogs, Stage, Screen In Between offers engaged takes on Colorado theater and film and pointed views on news from both coasts and both industries. Culture lovers, add your voices. Culture makers, share your production journal entries and photos.